UX of AI: 7 Priorities to Improve the UX of Generative AI Products

Oct 2, 2023

UX of Generative AI Products

As generative AI products continue to shape our digital landscape, it's crucial to emphasize user experience (UX) design. Here are some key UX principles that should be prioritized:

1️⃣ Onboarding

Users need guidance when they navigate a new AI-powered platform. The onboarding process should be intuitive, concise, and educational. Effective user-education helps demystify the AI, allowing users to extract maximum value right from get-go.

2️⃣ User assistance

A well-designed, generative AI product should always have user assistance built in. Help tools, FAQs, tutorial videos or chatbots can go a long way in building a user-friendly experience & reduce user frustrations in navigating the complexity.

3️⃣ User control

Users should have a sense of control in the product. This could involve settings for adjusting the AI's output, such as its tone, style, or level of randomness. This builds user trust and gives them the chance to curate their interaction with the AI.

4️⃣ Feedback and iteration

AI products should allow users to provide feedback easily. Continuously gather user feedback to improve the AI's output and produce more relevant and accurate results over time.

5️⃣ Fallback mechanisms

Every AI product must have robust fallback options for when it's stuck or unable to assist. Provide a clear error message with actionable next steps to resolve the issue. This boosts user confidence, knowing they aren't left stranded.

6️⃣ Explainability

Users need to understand AI to trust it. Generative AI products should provide concise explanations of their functionality, reasoning, and expected output. Make sure your algorithms aren’t a black box. Improving transparency increases user trust.

7️⃣ Ethical considerations

Be mindful of ethical concerns such as potential biasses in the output. Be clear about these and take steps to mitigate them. Users love when products inherently prioritize respect and kindness!

Incorporate these principles to make your AI product more humane and user-friendly. It'll make your users feel all warm and fuzzy which undoubtedly improves retention.

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